Aramiro Farm

Historically Aramiro had been operating as a sheep and beef (devon) farm however, after a lengthy operational and financial review the trust re-aligned the strategy of the farming operation to ensure its survival for future generations.

The biggest change implemented has been the change of stock breed and class from devon to Angus high genetic heifers.

This change allows us to:

  • Target premium supply agreements resulting in better financial returns
  • Enter into Maori collective supply chains and access a wider pool of genetic animals


  • General Manager – Brett Te Whare
  • Farm casuals – Les Kereopa, Thomas Te Whare

Farm Areas

  • Effective area (ha) 330
  • Subdivision (no. of paddocks) 56
Beef Cattle  
Rising 1yr Steers & Heifers 139
Rising 2yr Steers & Heifers 71
Angus breeding cows 200
Fresian Steers & Heifers 80
Breeding Bulls 122

Aramiro Farm Strategy 2019 - 2021

Significant improvements have been made to Our Whenua to support the Farm Strategy shown below.

  • Develop a financially viable farming operation
  • Implement accounting and visibility tools to assist with stock management
  • Build future proofed infrastructure that will allow for expansion of livestock and operations
  • Land restoration, development and enhancement

See the table here for farm strategic initiatives completed  or underway.

Action Status
Water infrastructure phase 1 Installation 35 troughs 7km of water lines Completed
Water infrastructure phase 2 Installation of Solar water system 3 additional water tanks Completed
Upgrade existing and add new races and tracks (vandys road) Completed
10km of new fencing installed & 5km of existing fencing upgraded/repaired Completed
Fertiliser & Lime maintenance programme In place and ongoing Completed
Maize planning & budgets 2020 -2021 Completed
Summer Cropping Programme 25 ha Completed
Wetlands and Kahikatea strands protected And fenced off Completed
Nga Whenua Rahui fencing and planting Along our waterways – Phase 1 Completed
Weed control and maintenance schedule In place – ongoing Completed
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